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Educational Offer

Below you will find an overview of our educational offer. Please see the Polish-language version of our website for full information, as not all of our continuing studies programs might be available every year. 



History (Bachelor- and Master-level studies) 

Teacher-training specialization in history and social studies 

  • This specialization gives our students substantialpsychological, pedagogical and didactic preparation (theoretical and practical)toteachhistory and social studies in public and private schools. 

Specialization in historical anthropology 

  • This specialization prepares our students to work incultural centers, museums, open-air museums, nationwide and local media, associations conducting activities for the development of culture and promoting historical knowledge, art galleries, showrooms. 


Archival Studies, Documentation Management, and Information Brokering (Bachelor- and Master-level studies) 

After finishing this major, our students 

  • are qualified to become archivists, documentation management specialists, office managers, information brokers.
  • are prepared to work in state, church, personal and company archives, as well as cultural institutions. 
  • can manage modern offices, also in terms of electronic document management. 
  • can worin the media (press, radio, television) andas specialistsindocumentation departments, analytics departments,Internet services,andadvertising agencies. 


Historical Tourism and Cultural Heritage (Bachelor- and Master-level studies)

After finishing this major, our students 

  • possessknowledge and competence in the field of planning and servicing tourismtraffic, organizing tourismevents, and promoting and popularizing cultural heritage and regional education. 
  • possessthe skills of a tour guide and tour leader, both in domestic and foreign settings, and arepreparedto workfortravel agencies, local associations and non-governmental organizations acting for the preservation and development of cultural heritage and local historical research. 
  • havethe skills necessary to start and runindependent businesses in the tourism industry. 


German and Central European Studies (Master-level only) 


German and Central European Studies is a joint program of the Pedagogical University inKraków and Charles University in Prague that results in students receiving a diploma from each institution, which increases the prestige of the degree. The program features Polish, Czech and German academic lecturers. Classes take place inKraków and Prague, where students from Poland spend a semester through the Erasmus+ exchange. 


For more information on this unique program of ours, please check its FULL PAGE>>>



Archival Studies and Documentation Management 

This program covers theoretical and practical approaches to the problems of contemporary archival science and the broadly understood documentation management, both traditional and electronic. In addition to core courses, which include information science classes, students select from one of two modules: 

  • government and other institutional archives, for students interested in working in public administration; 
  • church chancelleries and archives, for students interested in church administration. 


Cracoviana: City and Region in Tourism 
  • This programenablesstudents to gain theoretical knowledge in the field of history and cultural heritage ofKrakówand Lesser Poland as well as practical skills necessary to undertake activities related to the organization and operation of tourismtraffic. 
  • The attractive curriculum consists of coursesonthe most important issues in the field, includingthe broadly understoodlocalspiritual and material culture, including the phenomenon of Galicia, Kazimierz and Nowa Huta. 
  • The program includes thematic blocks presentingKrakówmuseums and elements of museum methodology, which arecarried out on the basis oftheirvaluableexhibits. 
  • An important thematic block concerns business tourism and urban tourism, including its modern forms, organization of tourist events in the city, promotion of tourism products, tourist routes, as well as the methodology of tourist guidance. 
  • Theprogramare addressedtouniversity graduates with aBachelors or Masters degree who have completed any field of studies. 


History and Social Studies (also offered separately) 
  • During theoreticalclassesat theuniversityandinternshipsin schools,museums and places of remembrance, students learn about the elements and mechanisms ofateachersjob. 
  • They acquire theoreticalknowledgeof historical and socialstudieseducation: thegoals, content, methods, techniques and strategies of education. 
  • Students practice the skills of using modern and traditional didactic means as part of a multilateral and multimedia course of educating a teacher of history and social studies. 
  • They master and improve the rules for observing schoollessons and develop the ability to creatively conduct modern school classes based on the use of the latest education technologies (e-school) and to carry out lessons independently. 


Totalitarianism – Nazism – Holocaust 
  • The program takes place at theAuschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Oświęcimand examinesissues related to NaziGermanand Communist totalitarianism presented in an interdisciplinary perspective (history, literature, art). 
  • Emphasisisplaced on the crimes committed by Nazi Germany and theSoviet Union, with particular reference to the German genocide committed on Jews and Roma. 
  • The program alsocovers topicsrelated to the persecution and extermination of other national and social groups under the rule of the Nazis and Soviets. 



  • We also offerclasses in English for students undertaking education as part of the Erasmus+ program. 
  • The module deals with subjects related to memory studies. 
  • Students learn the workshop ofaresearcher working in the field of Holocaust Studies, including oral historyandrepresentation of the Holocaust in art and museum space. 
  • Studentsbecome familiar with the Polish experience in conducting educational projects in this thematic area. 
  • As part of theprogram, numerous classes areconductedinKrakówsmuseums and art galleries. 


For more information on studying at our Institute through Erasmus+, please check HERE>>>